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27th September 2011

Window screens and climate change

Government concede that global warming is inevitable but recommend window screens as a measure to cool Britain.

Following the breakdown of global talks on cutting greenhouse gases, the government has shifted its policy into one of adapting to changes as CO2 emissions continue to rise by 5.8% each year.

The climate change risk assessment is currently being drawn up and will be distributed throughout Whitehall this winter. The government are set to warn UK households that global warming has become unstoppable and will call them into action with preventative measure to help cool Britain


The Sunday Times reports that temperatures are expected to rise by 4C by mid-to-late century and as such property owners need to consider measures to protect against heat, floods and water shortages. The United Nations had set a target of 2C but as Peter Cox, Professor of climate system dynamics at Exeter University said "If politicians focused on adaptation, it would imply they had failed in cutting emissions".

The range of measures required to help us through climate change start simply with the growing of plants up the sides of houses for insulation to the more extensive measures of installing flood defences, water collection systems and heat pumps. Ministers will also be recognising the need for window screens as they provide excellent ventilation to keep temperatures down.

Overheating is likely to be a more common occurrence in cities due to the urban heat effect in which cities tend to be several degrees warmer than more rural parts of the UK. Window screens are becoming an increasingly common feature on properties in cities and in most cases are being used as a means to air a property as well as being a fly screen.

The increased temperature also means there will be a heightened number of insects. Screens will stop these invasive bugs from coming into your home and giving you unpleasant bites that result in red sores and in some instances swelling. Phantom Screens have installed countless screens in city locations and all with positive feedback as you can see in our customer review section.

If you would like to help regulate the climate in your home and keep out insect then contact one of our experienced installers, email or call 01778 560070 to arrange a free, no obligation survey