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15th November 2011

Unbeatable cordless blackout blinds

Roller blackout blind

Phantom Screens (UK) Limited

Roller blackout blind in a darkened room

Phantom Screens (UK) Limited

Blackout blinds are in focus this autumn thanks to their multitude of benefits and we thought we would take this opportunity to showcase our unbeatable blackout blinds that combines our Serene Window Screen technology with a blackout fabric.

The Phantom Serene Window Screen technology gives a low profile housing that blends with the window frame and means it is completely out of sight when not in use. A key benefit of our blackout blinds is that they are child friendly and do not have a potentially dangerous cord. Instead we have a finger bar (pictured above) along the bottom of the blind which allows it to be easily pulled down when required with very little effort.

The housing features spring tension technology and has a side track containing brush pile and discreet latches to secure the fabric and ensure a tight fit over a window resulting in no light bleeding through.

We decided to purchase a conventional roller blackout blind, install it and show you the results with the lights on and then with the lights off.

Phantom blackout blind

Phantom Screens (UK) Limited

Phantom blackout blind in a darkened room

Phantom Screens (UK) Limited

Then we installed a Phantom cordless blackout blind to showcase the difference and the results are clear to see.

The Serene Screen technology results in absolutely zero light bleed as imaged which will keep yours or your child's room perfectly dark for improved sleep.

As pictured our screens are available with printed fabrics to suit boy's and girl's bedrooms or alternatively in single shade from our wide spectrum available. The casing can also be colour matched to suit the window or supplied in any colour matched shade to add to the decor in a child's room. The functionality of the blackout blind is probably not your child's primary concern but they will love the range of fabric prints and exciting, vibrant colours that we can provide our blinds in.

If you're interested in our unbeatable cordless blackout blinds then call 01778560070 or email.