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12th August 2011

The sky-light is not the limit

Conservatories, orangeries and sun rooms are a common, modern day home improvement to enhance your outdoor/indoor living experience but in the summer can become uncomfortably hot. Opening doors and sky lights can help ventilation but let in various kinds of fly and insects to disturb your summer relaxation.

The conditions outside are ideal for your gerberas in the garden but the humidity and increased temperatures are also idyllic for flies, bugs and insects to thrive. Temperatures of 20C and above will encourage breeding and there will be a lot more unwelcomed guests into your conservatory and home. UK summers are getting hotter with fly and insect populations set to increase there's never been a better time to invest in a Phantom fly screen.

Phantom Screens can help protect you and your conservatory from these unwanted beasties and allow your conservatory to be cooled to the optimum temperature for relaxing and enjoying the views of your garden.

A recent installation in a beautiful home in Amersham showcases how discreet and adaptable our fly screens are. Whether your conservatory has UPVC, hardwood, French doors or sliding doors then Phantom Screens has the solution.

Fly screen fitting for your conservatory does not end at doors as we provide screens for sky lights and roof windows. They're often difficult to reach but Phantom provides a telescopic tool for you to pull down or retract your fly screen from a comfortable distance with ease.

If you want to enjoy your conservatory that bit extra then contact one of our experienced installers or call 01778 560070

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