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The perfect time for fly screens

This winter is the perfect time to become a distributor of Phantom Screens. Fly screens are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and with last year's beautiful, sunny weather in mind, we believe this Spring will see lots of homeowners looking to create that perfect balance of outdoor living with indoor comforts.

Phantom Screen's retractable fly screens for doors and windows allow fresh air in whilst keeping insects out, so your customers can enjoy fresh air without the intrusion of unwanted visitors. Our fly screens are fitted with a fine insect mesh which repels flies, wasps, midges, bees, moths and a variety of other insects without spoiling the view and the mesh is held in place by stiffened brushes to ensure that no insects can sneak in around the edges.

The retractable design of our fly screens means that you only see the screens when they're in use and when you don't need them they simply roll back into the housing. This, combined with our ability to colour match the fly screen frames to your customer's requirements, makes Phantom Screens one of the most discreet screening systems on the market.

We offer free of charge training at our factory just outside Peterborough, where you will be given everything you need to start surveying and fitting our products. All screens are made to order at our factory here in the UK and you only order screens as you sell them.

To book your place on our next training session or to find out more, give us a call on 01778 560070 or email