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Some of the points below may seem a little obvious but you'd be amazed how many people forget the basics. So here are our tips for quoting best practice.

Breakdown costs fully
Make sure your customers can see exactly what they're paying for and don't wait until the last minute to tell them about additional costs for fitting. Make everything clear and up front. Phantom Screens are a premium product so it's important that customers feel they are getting a premium service to match.

Written quotes
All quotes should be given in writing rather than being agreed verbally. This ensures that there will be no disputes over price. We want the installation process to be a pleasure for both you and the customer and this simple practice means that you will avoid falling out with a client due to a simple misunderstanding.

Personalise your quote
A printed quote featuring your company branding inspires customer confidence. Customers are happier to trust a brand that has a system in place for providing costings.

Payment terms
Make it easy for customers to see how and when their payment will be taken. Once again, this will inspire trust and confidence. Do not hide this important information in amongst the depths of all your other terms and conditions. If it's important, make sure your customer can find it easily.


Use a retail price list
It's a good idea to create a retail price list which you can take with you and use to look up how much a screen will cost. This will inspire customer confidence as they will see that, rather than an arbitrary estimate, they are getting a fair price based on their exact requirements.

Alternative Uses
Where a customer has asked for a screen to be installed for a purpose other than insect protection, solar shading, privacy screening or ventilation, we recommend that you include a disclaimer with the quote. For example, we have many happy customers using our screens to keep domestic pets in. Although, the screens do deter pets this is not what they are designed for and as such we cannot guarantee that the insect screen mesh will keep pets in. It is important to ensure that the customer is aware of this and that they know exactly what they're getting.

If you would like any further advice or information, don't hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 01778 560070 or email