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31st October 2011

Phantom Screens feature in BBSA magazine

Phantom Screens have been featured in the Openings magazine published by the British Blind & Shutter Association or BBSA. Every quarter Openings looks at what is hot topic in the industry and showcases the best of these in their "In Focus" section.

The autumn edition of the magazine has put blackout fabrics in focus, recognising how more customers are choosing to combine style and practicality to achieve the best of both.

The article looks at how our window screens with their unique, retractable cassette technology can be combined with blackout fabrics to create the ultimate blackout blinds.

Featuring all of the component benefits of the original screens such as low profile housing that blends discretely with the window frame and means the screen is out of sight when not in use. The housing can be colour matched to suit a decor and features spring tension technology to hold the screen firmly in place and allow it to absorb impacts without sagging.

Blackout fabrics can also be fitted to our executive products, designed for oversized openings such as terrace, balconies and outdoor living areas that include a power feature enabling them to be operated by remote control.

Combing blackout fabrics with our screens opens up a host of new uses. A common installation for blackout blinds is in a child's bedroom to encourage better and more regular sleeping patterns through making the room more comfortable. Blackout screens are also ideal for adult rooms of someone who works shift patterns.

An increasing trend towards blackout screen purchasing is to enhance home entertainment. A truly cinematic experience in the home requires popcorn, a large screen television and a darkened room but that's not achievable with conventional cassette blinds or curtains. There will always be glare or some form of reflection unless that room is under perfect movie watching conditions. Blackout screens provide these conditions and are proving a must-have to complete a home cinema set up and give it that authentic at the pictures feel.


A blackout screen can also provide dual insulation in that it can help keep the heat in when the weather is cold and keep the heat out when the weather is warm. Blackout screens are an ideal aid to keep you comfortable in the summer and keep you in pocket during the winter.

Fuel bills are not the only area where a blackout blind could help save you money but they can prolong the life of your soft furnishings and wooden furniture. The sun emits UV rays which can affect the integrity of soft furnishings and wood which will result in bleaching or discolouring. Having a blackout blind will cut out all UV rays that are damaging the furniture.

Blackout blinds are a great option to compliment your home, adding an extra level of comfort plus peace of mind.