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26th August 2011

Phantom Screens can stop you feeling the bite

Wasps aren't the only problem as the summer draws to a close. Mosquito complaints are at a record high and installing Phantom Screens can stop you feeling the bite.

Unprecedented warm and humid weather conditions this year have seen a leap in the wasp population but it doesn't end there as discussed by the BBC News Magazine online, the numbers of mosquitoes are also up and Britain ought to prepare itself for a future mosquito menace.

NHS direct have reported they received over 9,000 concerned calls where a member of the public has received a bite since May this year. They can't all be attributed for by mosquitoes of course but the changing conditions in the UK are proving just right for mosquito populations. Michael Bonsall, a Zoologist at Oxford University said "The wet weather through May and June this year, along with a warm summer, has affected the population because mosquitoes like the standing breeding water".

It's difficult to get an accurate measure of exact numbers of mosquitoes but the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health along with the Health Protection Agency have created Mosquito Watch to encourage people to voluntarily count and collect different specimens in a similar vein to the Big Butterfly Count.

While mosquitoes pose a very different threat in other parts of the world, in the UK they thankfully no longer carry Malaria. They do however still bite causing discomfort and in some cases adverse reactions as seen by the 9,000+ complaint received by NHS Direct this summer. In severe cases, bites can lead to swelling and unsightly blistering of the skin. In these scenario's it is advised to seek the opinion of your GP.


A Phantom door screen or window screen can prevent these pests coming into your home and causing any harm to you or your family.

If you want to enjoy the summer without worrying about uncomfortable bites occurring in your home then contact our expert Phantom Screen fitters or call 01778 560070.