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19th October 2011

Phantom Screens can help with October-bug-fest

The winter nights are drawing in and it will soon be getting darker earlier as the clocks change and the reality of this time of year sets in.

Despite being well into October, the temperatures have been surprisingly mild and we've been graced with lots of beautiful, hazy winter sunshine. Typically by this time of year insects and bugs are myths of the summer to be forgotten about until next year. However the increased temperatures and milder October we're experiencing has kept insects very much in the lime light.

A recent BBC news article reported a huge influx of ladybirds in a Wirral village on Merseyside. The breed of ladybird in question is the water ladybird, characterised by its flatter, smaller body that has more spots that a typical ladybird. The confused weather has resulted in higher tides and pushed this marsh dwelling insect to come further inland due to inundation of salt water.

Jeff Clarke, Cheshire county recorder for ladybirds said "I've never come across anything like this before; I found nearly a thousand the other day. The most that has ever been recorded in the UK is around 200 in on sampling session; there are probably hundreds of thousands here".

The BBC also reported of a tragic case of a fatal allergic reaction to wasp stings In Essex this week.

A Phantom door screen or window screen will help you to keep the insects out of your home whilst keeping your home ventilated and feeling fresh.

It isn't just the insects that are a concern during this warm October but also the amount of sun. As pleasant as it is to have sun this late in the year, it does mean your furniture will be exposed to more UV rays which can be harmful hard and soft furnishings finishes. Phantom screens can be installed with different mesh options to offer a varying degree of solar shading which can prevent glare and stop furniture bleaching.