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7th October 2011

Phantom Screens are insect friendly

The recent heat wave that graced the UK has resulted in hundreds of rare moths arriving in the UK. Experts are calling it the best migration for the insects in years.

In September we reported on an increase in a breed of moth that had been causing all sorts of problems for heritage sites and museums. The moth population has grown larger since with the Butterfly Conservation charity reporting that rare breeds only found in the Mediterranean are now established in the UK.

Mark Parsons, Butterfly conservation's head of moth conservation told The Guardian "In the last 10 days, we've had a prolonged period of warm with southerly winds which have brought things up. Autumn is usually a good time for immigrant species, but it's the sheer number and diversity this year that's special".

Climate change and the increased temperatures mean that these new breeds will attempt to colonise in the UK and could be a regular sight in your garden. The exotic breeds are quite often vibrantly coloured and will be a beautiful addition to your garden in the evenings.

As attractive as they are, we also appreciate that you probably don't want them coming into your home. When the sun is going down, your doors and windows are open and the lights are on is when moths will be most active. A door screen or window screen can stop the new breeds of moths coming into your home but allow you to still admire their beauty through it.

As discussed on the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show this morning, although you might not want these creatures in your home they are very striking and provide a service for your garden. They will help with slugs and other insect's intent on eating you plants whilst looking picturesque.

A Phantom screen is a caring, bug friendly approach to controlling insects in your garden. Installing fly screens will allow you to avoid using chemicals and installing unsightly bug zappers. A Phantom screen will also help to ventilate your property and provide solar shading, making your living spaces more comfortable during warm weather.

If you would like to co-exist with the delightful new additions in your garden during the warm weather and find out about Phantom screens then call 01778 560070 or send us an email.