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6th January 2012

Phantom pet friendly window screens

Phantom Screens receive lots of calls and emails with regards to pet screens. Now unlike some window screen companies we do not market our screens as specific pet screens with pet meshes and that's simply because our standard mesh is so good that we don't need to.

Window screen companies often charge over the odds for meshes that they claim are specially designed to prevent pets from breaking or damaging it. The Phantom window screen standard mesh is more durable and absorbent of pet attacks than an inflated priced rival. We don't need to charge extra to provide you with a top quality mesh that will help keep your pets indoors and neighbourhood animals outside.

There are lots of pet friendly reasons to choose a Phantom pet screen for pedigree and house pets. A screen on a window will allow you to have ventilation and also be safe in the knowledge that it will deter your pet from escaping through the open window. Our screens feature brush pile side tracks spring tension technology that makes the screen much more difficult for the animal to tamper with unlike velcro based alternatives that your pet will soon wear out and escape through.

Keeping house pets is an increasing trend with pet owners not only due to their breed but also to ensure the safety of your beloved friend. Often house pets are left in the home for large portions of the day whilst we commute to jobs and go about our daily lives. Pet owners often like to leave the house ventilated for the animal's sake but also for the sake of any odours in your home. Installing a pet screen to a window can help with ventilation whilst deterring your pet from escaping.

The risks to animals have never been higher as they are currently. Horrible stories frequently appear on national news or in local press. Road safety, the risk of pet theft and deliberate injury to pets are all very real concerns and further reasons for some owners to keep their pets indoors.

It can be a constant battle trying to keep a pet indoors but it doesn't have to be and window screens could be the solution you need.

Phantom have provided screens for cat fosters, rescue centres and catteries. If you have any pet related screening needs that you would like to discuss then call us on 01778 560070 or email.