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Pet screens for windows

Screen to keep cats inside


We have advised and installed screens for many pet owners. There are various pet friendly reasons to have Phantom Screens installed in your home to benefit your furry or feathered friends.

House pets

Although cats are traditionally seen as pets that go where they please, an increasing number of pet owners are taking on breeds of cats that are not allowed outdoors. A Phantom Screen can be used to discourage house cats from venturing outside whilst still allowing fresh air in. We have also fitted window & door screens for bird owners to deter them from going near openings and escaping.

Road Safety

Road safety is always a concern for cat owners. If you live in a built up area or close to a busy road then a Phantom Screen can be used to discourage your cat from going outside at certain times when the roads are busiest.

Pet Theft

It's distressing to hear that pet theft is becoming increasingly lucrative for criminals. There are more exotic breeds of high risk pets in the UK than ever before and they are being preyed on for profit, illegal breeding, fights and reward money.

Phantom Screens stiffened mesh acts as a great deterrent but we make no guarantee that they will act as a permanent barrier.

Find out more about the Serene window screen or view a print ready version of the Serene brochure.

All Phantom Screens are professionally installed by your local design and fitting expert.

We also offer pet screens for doors