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2nd May 2012

Overheated classrooms ail school performance

A recent survey carried out by the largest Teachers union has found increasing classroom temperatures to be a growing concern on student and teacher performance.

The survey found that one in three teachers had to give lesson in rooms exceeding 30 degrees and more than three quarters had given lessons in rooms over 24 degrees Celsius.

The reason for this temperature increase is down to building design. Older school buildings have some windows fixed for security reasons and insufficient blind coverage to reduce heat build-up.

Modern and new built schools are designed with an increased amount of glass to achieve a more up to date and contemporary look. This creates a greenhouse effect with heat building up and being retained by the glass.

The properties keeping the heat in is ideal during the winter but as the season changes toward spring and summer classrooms become hotter causing problems for pupils just as some approach the most important part of the year with exams looming.

Teachers reported that the hot classrooms had an adverse effect on student's ability to learn with pupils becoming lethargic and light-headed. This won't only affect the ability to learn but also the ability to teach. There were several accounts given of cases where students had to be let outside to cool off and get water.

The teachers union has said there should be a legal maximum temperature for the workplace seeing as there are legal implications of a minimum temperature.

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