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Phantom make pet friendly window screens

phantom pet friendly window screens

The Phantom window screen standard mesh is more durable and absorbent of pet attacks than an inflated priced rival.

Phantom Screens are suitable for a range of commercial applications

phantom commercial fly screens

The Phantom Screens Executive fly screen range is suitable for commercial applications on large warehouse and loading bay doors.

False widow spider numbers set to rise

false widow spider numbers set to rise

The growth of this species in the UK has recently come to light after a shocking case of a man in Southampton being bitten 10 times whilst out shopping.

Fly Screens can stop the spread of viruses and bacteria

fly screens can stop viruses and bacteria

As you may have seen recently in the news, there has been an outbreak of the Schmallenberg virus in the UK which causes problems for livestock.

Environmental Health Agency says "Pests have never had it so good"

pests have never had it so good

A combination of red tape and government spending cuts are to blame for pests thriving accord to an Environmental Health news release.

Overheated classrooms ails school performance

overheated classrooms ail school peerformance

A recent survey has found increasing classroom temperatures to be a growing concern on student and teacher performance.

The Phantom Screens trade zone gets an update

phantom screens trade zone

The Phantom Screens trade zone is an exclusive portal for our trade network which has been updated with new and exclusive content for our distributors.