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Motorised screens offer a touch of luxury

Motorised screens and blinds are becoming more and more widely used in the UK thanks in part to a growing number of homeowners who have been inspired by the rise of the smart home. Smart homes offer consumers central control of every element of their house from lighting, heating and shading to security and entertainment, which is not only practical but adds a real wow factor.

Although smart homes are still a luxury few can afford, the elements that make them up are becoming more and more popular and can help consumers to bring a little touch of that luxury into their homes.

In the past, motorised screens have mostly been used for practical purposes. For example, they are commonly used in situations where the users are unable to reach the blind or where there are multiple blinds or screens to be closed all together. However, here at Phantom Screens, we are now seeing a trend towards customers using our Executive motorised screens, not just for practicality, but to add that luxury element to their homes.

We have seen examples of several customers using our blackout motorised screens in their living rooms or TV rooms to create an authentic cinema experience. Adding blackout screens allows them to transform their room into the perfect place to enjoy a film at the touch of a button. Not only is this useful when watching movies but it also makes a statement and makes their home feel that extra bit special.

We are also seeing more consumers using motorised screens with bi-fold or patio doors for this same reason. Big glass is a statement in itself but adding motorised screens gives it that extra touch of luxury. Phantom's Executive screens allow homeowners to open their home to the outdoors whilst still enjoying the comforts of indoors, letting fresh air in whilst keeping insects and garden debris out, and because they're motorised they can be opened and closed with no effort.

Some consumers are even using motorised screens to add extra usable space to their home. We have seen customers using screens to enclose their patios, verandas and porches allowing them to essentially create an outdoor room that offers protection not only from insects, but also from light rain showers and breezes, just by pressing a button. This can prolong the customer's use of their outdoor space, especially when combined with a patio heater. By modifying their outdoor space in this way, the customer has once again added that wow factor to their home.

Innovative use of motorised screens is a fantastic way to turn an ordinary space into something extraordinary. Everyone wants to feel that their home is special and by bringing smart home elements like this into their own homes, the customer can find that extra special touch they've been looking for.

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