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Introducing the new Legacy door screen

The single door and double door fly screen options otherwise known as the Phantom door range are being re-launched and rebranded as the Legacy door range.

This should clear up any confusion between our door products and the Phantom Screens brand name. This isn't simply a change of name and the Legacy door will also have a new feature of an integrated latch & release handle, the first of its kind on any door screen.

Phantom will be offering the only retractable door screen to feature this technology which is durable, quiet and easy to use. The original magnet system for holding the screen closed is still available to customer who would prefer it. Should you not want magnets fitting to your door frame and would like a more secure, locked feel to the screen when it's closed then the new system is the option for you.


You will also have peace of mind that the screen is secure from unintended openings and experience a heightened level of control when retracting the screen from a shut to an open position.

The Legacy door screen sets a new benchmark for retractable screens as it is the only screen available on the market with an integrated latch and release handle suitable for a wide variety of doors.

The new handle design is sleek and ergonomic giving it a great and natural feel to the hand whilst giving your screens virtually silent operation


To find out how you can get a Phantom Screen installed in your property visit our how and where to buy section.