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Insect screens with a poolside view

When Mrs Jones in Horsham extended her house to create a open plan dining, kitchen and lounge room she knew she wanted bifold doors to view the patio and pool beyond.

Having had the room built and the doors installed she could not believe the heat in the room or the insect haven it had created at night, when sitting with the lights on enjoying the fresh air and sounds of the countryside.

Luckily Mrs Jones is well travelled and had seen quality insect screens before in Canada and Australia, a google search later and a call into Phantom the problem was solved, beautifully.

Mrs Jones was insistent that the screens must be level to the floor as family and friends use the door to run in from the pool. She also wanted to keep the view so wanted less door frame than the bifolds have. The Distinction can do both of these, each panel is up to 2m wide so the view is better than when the doors are closed and the bottom guide rail is 2mm flat so can be walked on, run on or even splashed over!! The 2m wide retractable panels hold superfine pleated mesh which is held under tension to allow you to leave the screen in any position, this means that Mrs Jones can use the screen when she has it fully open but also when she only has one or two doors pinned back.

Mrs Jones said "It's just great to have the flexibility to get the most out of the room and the doors now we have the Phantom Screens fitted. We can keep insects from the kitchen when cooking and mosquito's from nipping at your neck whilst watching a film, but best of all at the end of a long day you at sit back and relax knowing you are not about to be dive bombed by a Daddy longlegs or moth".

Phantom Screen manufactures and supplies insect, solar shading and privacy screens in any size for any door, window or larger opening. Please call us directly to advise you on 01778 560070 or look up a trusted local dealer on our how to buy pages.