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3rd October

Goodbye to the summer

A Phan-tastic weekend of sunshine sets up Britain for the reality of winter's inevitable arrival.

It's been a blistering weekend with temperatures soaring to record highs for October but things are about to change. It looks like the weather is turning wet and the realities of winter will soon be realised.

The official end to British Summer Time is 30th October and when daylight saving times kick in once again. The clocks will be going back an hour so although it will no longer summer at least you will get an extra hour in bed to help come to terms with the change.

It's as good a time as any to invest in retractable fly screens for your property. The evening light in drawing in but with temperatures still up, you will be putting your lights on whilst keeping that door or window open to help you keep cool. This is going to attract a host of unwanted house guests in the form of daddy long legs and moths, all drawn in by the light.

A retractable door screen or window screen can stop these critters from buzzing around your house and let you enjoy the last of the summer evenings without disturbance.

If you want to enjoy the last part of summer and keep out moths then contact one of our experienced installers, email or call 01778 560070 to arrange a free, no obligation survey.