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21st October 2011

Fly screens hygienic and eco friendly

Fly screens for doors and windows can stop flies from contaminating food and also reduce the need for insecticides to control fly population, which can be harmful to humans and other animals.

It's no secret that the number of flies in the UK is up but depending on your location it could be much worse for you than for others.

A recycling plant in Bristol called New Earth Solutions (NES) has been overrun by insects despite following guidelines laid out by the Environment Agency. New Earth Solutions have been asked to spray their vehicles to help reduce what can only be described as a fly infestation.

Recycling plants are often located in out of town, rural areas, which is also a common location for businesses. Glulam Timber Systems, owned by Stuart Hamer is situated close to the recycling plant and has been also been overrun by swarms of flies.
Mr Hamer said "You would kill 40 or 50 a day and then the next day there would be the same amount back". The nuisance of having flies buzzing around your place of work is bad enough but also taking the time out to deal with each annoyance is going to come at a price to your business. Phantom Screens offer fly screen solutions for commercial property to cover loading bays and virtually any opening.

Mr Hamer went on to say "They're very annoying and the last thing you want is a whole bunch of flies on your food and as fast as we seem to get rid of them, they re-appear". This breeds a whole different problem when flies are in contact with food and food preparation areas. Food poisoning is caused by a strain of bacteria carried by flies from local ruminant faeces. Ingesting this bacteria can result in a fever, vomiting and abdominal complaints. A fly screen is a preventative solution to stopping flies from entering into food preparation areas.

New Earth Solutions brought in Peter Mills, a specialist to help with the problem and he said "we know flies are attracted to waste, we manage the waste very intensively and we treat the waste to ensure that flies cannot breed on it, so we are unsure as to what's caused the exact extent of the fly population in the area". This goes to show that insecticide solutions, which are harmful to the environment, are not helping with the fly problem but perhaps controlling where they can go access with fly screen is the answer.