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27th January 2012

Fly Screens can stop viruses and bacteria

As you may have seen recently in the news, there has been an outbreak of the Schmallenberg virus in the UK which causes problems for livestock after being spread by midges.

The Schmallenberg virus causes miscarriages and birth deformities in farm animals and has been reported to be present in some livestock in Norfolk, Suffolk and East Sussex.

The Schamallenberg virus is believed to be carried by midges, thriving after the unseasonable weather. It surfaced in Germany and the Netherlands in August 2011 and since onto Belgium spreading across hundreds of farms before arriving here.
The outbreak isn't thought to be severe at this stage and farmers are not under orders to adhere to strict quarantine actions or to report and new cases.

The European Centre for Disease prevention and Control have released a human health risk assessment for the Schmallenberg virus and it said "Previously, genetically similar orthibunyavirus have not caused diseases to humans. Therefore, it is unlikely that this virus would cause disease in humans, but it cannot be excluded at this stage".

The risk of this strain being zoonotic and having the ability to transfer to human might be low but it's still early but midges, flies and other insect do also carry viruses that can transfer to humans.

Bacteria picked up from faeces and then entering the home is the most common way these ailments are passed onto humans. As we discussed before with the food poisoning increases in the UK, the strains may have more severe impact on livestock but they can often be upsetting to human digestive systems and leave people feeling very unwell and nauseous.

Fly screens for windows and doors can help prevent these insects that have been in contact with animal faeces from entering your home and spreading the harmful bacteria. If they land on areas of food preparation this is when the bacteria can spread to your digestive system and cause illness.

The prevention of insects entering food preparation area and use of fly screens is a legal requirement in commercial kitchens but not the home. There may not be any liability but fly screens can give you an added level of comfort knowing that insects will be kept outside and from causing any harm.

If you're concerned about bacteria contaminating your kitchen and potentially causing illness then fly screens can offer prevention. Contact one of our experienced installers, email or call 01778 560070.