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Flies in the house? Get rid of flies now

Are you fed up of getting flies in the house when the windows and doors are open? Have you spent many a night googling how to keep flies out while the offending insect buzzes around your bedroom keeping you awake? You've probably read about all sorts of home remedies, but if you want to get rid of flies in the house for good, there's only one way to go.

Fly screens are a simple and effective way to get rid of flies in the house for good! Fly screens are huge in the US but some UK residents have never even heard of them and they are really the only sure-fire way to stop flies coming in. Unlike ineffective fly chains and curtains that flap around in the wind, fly screens create a complete seal over your windows and doors to make sure no insects can sneak in around the edges. They are usually fitted either directly onto the frame or onto the wall surrounding the window.

Phantom Screens (UK) Limited

Left: Serene fly screen for windows. Right: Legacy fly screen for doors

There are a few different types of fly screen to choose from but the most popular tend to be the retractable fly screens. Phantom Screens are the leading manufacturer of retractable, cassette fly screens in the UK. Phantom's fly screens function in the same way as a roller blind except that the mesh is held taught along two side channels. The ultra-fine insect mesh lets fresh air in and stops flies getting through without spoiling your view. Not only is the mesh practically invisible but thanks to the discreet housing, which can be finished in any colour and a range of wood grains, the entire screen blends perfectly with your existing decor. They can even be fitted behind existing curtains or blinds so you'll barely notice they're there.

Phantom Screens (UK) Limited

Left: Fly screen fitted behind a roller blind. Right: Fly screen behind curtains - the mesh is practically invisible.

So now you can stop worrying about how to keep flies out of the house and start enjoying having your windows and doors open and letting fresh air in. For more information about how Phantom fly screens can help you stop flies coming in, please go to our contact us page.