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Where are Phantom Screens typically used?

Our screens are suitable for both residential and commercial properties, homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, universities, schools, nurseries, kitchens, etc.

What are the main benefits of Phantom's screens?

Our screens maintain the design of the building, provide privacy, insect protection, UV protection and increased ventilation, plus increase natural daylight. Our retractable screening solutions also reduce solar heat gain on the inside of the building reducing air conditioning costs. We provide excellent after-sales support, our experienced team is always available for service calls and product questions.

What types of applications can Phantom's retractable screening solutions cover?

We provide screening solutions that are made-to-measure for every project, ensuring that the screens work with all types of openings. The Legacy door screen covers all door types including patio sliders, in-swing and out-swing doors, double-French openings as well as front and back doors.

The Serene window screen is most typically used for insect or solar shading on all types of windows including sash, casement and tilt'n turn applications. It is also an excellent cassette black-out system.

The Distinction and Infinity door screen ranges are perfect for bi-folds and folding wall systems. Whatever the span of the door we can provide a screen to cover it.

The Executive powered screen can enclose covered patios, balconies, porches, and floor-to-ceiling picture windows - in other words, it is suitable for all over- sized openings. Our screens can be fitted with a wide range of solar, privacy and blackout fabrics that offer different benefits.

What are the main parts of a retractable screen?

A retractable screen consists of four main parts:

Mesh/fabric - the material comes in a wide variety of colours, fabrics, and materials depending on whether the consumer is looking for insect or solar protection.

Housing - the screen is stored in the housing when retracted along with the tube and spring mechanism that creates the pull-back tension. The small size of the housing, only 32-75mm in depth depending on the size of application, allows it to blend seamlessly to the window or door design.

Slide bar - the 'handle' that allows the user to pull out the screen when needed and retract it back into the housing when the screen is not in use. The screen is held in place with a magnet or latch system when in use, depending on the application.

Tracks - fastened to the top and bottom of the door frame (or the sides of the frame in the case of a window), the tracks keep the screen in place when in use and guide the slide bar easily back and forth.

Why choose Phantom's retractable screens over fixed screens?

Fixed screens tend to compromise the beauty of a home, block the views, diminish natural daylight, and make window cleaning difficult. We offer a retractable screening solutions for doors, windows and oversized openings that overcome these limitations; pulling into place when required and retracting out of sight when not in use.

Are Phantom Screens installed on the inside or outside?

Our retractable screening solutions can be installed on either the interior or exterior of a building. In order to protect the screens from weather and moisture, the extruded aluminium tracks and housing are used only with corrosion-resistant fasteners. The finishes are chip-resistant and covered by our domestic Phantom lifetime warranty.

Will they fit my windows?

Yes - The Serene window screen has been designed to fit every window. It can be fitted to the inside or the outside, to the face of the window frame or the plaster or masonry reveal. For cat owners and windows with ornate ironwork we recommend reveal fitting. The screen can be fitted to wood, UPVC or aluminium.

Will they fit my doors?

Yes - Phantom Screens are designed to be fitted inside or outside depending on whether you have a inswing or outswing door. Sill adaptors can be supplied on the rare occasion when face fitting is not suitable. Your local design and fitting expert will advise you on the best screening solution for your doors.

Is there a colour choice?

Yes - Our aluminium screens can be painted any colour or wood grained to match your home and window/door frames. A member of the local design and fitting network will happily give you a no obligation survey.

What is the warranty?

Our manufacturer's warranty covers the screens mechanics for the life you have it installed at the current property. This covers the mechanics and paint finish but not the fabric mesh itself. If you have an accident this can of course be replaced at minimal cost.

How do I buy?

We are the manufacturer and supply through a network of local design and fitting experts. All of our networks have been factory trained by our own trainer. We are always on hand to offer any technical support that maybe required.


If you are unhappy with your service through us or the local network, please call us immediately to help you. It is our goal to make sure all enquiries are managed in a professional manner, As members of the British Blind and Shutter Association we are bound by their rules and will happily let them get involved to give an impartial ruling.