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Equinox marks the start of summer

This week signals the much awaited shift away from winter into the spring and summer. The spring equinox calls an official end to the winter and along with the clocks changing is a welcoming of the better weather.

The spring equinox marks the point in space and time where the sun moves south to north resulting in days growing longer and nights shorter in the northern hemisphere. Contrary to the southern hemisphere as the equinox marks the arrivals of longer nights.

The equinox is the point at which both pole receives equal amounts of sunlight due to the planted being tilted neither away nor towards the sun. This signals a day where there are equal hours of day and night.

The actual date of the equinox varies from 19th March to 21st March but is always followed by a clock change in the UK. This weekend the clocks will move forwards an hour resulting in lighter evenings and heralding the official start of British summer time.


It's been met this year by a glorious week of weather with the sun shining across most parts of the UK. It's already becoming apparent that with the start of summer it's also the start of open season for insects.

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