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British homes plagued with insects

We've been reporting all year on how insect numbers will be reaching record highs but what we didn't predict was the washout July which has only worsened the problem.

Having an increased number of insects isn't an issue in ecological terms but it has resulted in record numbers of people suffering from bites and stings because of insects thriving in rainy, damp conditions.
The muggy weather provides the ideal environment for insects to breed which is resulting in all the insects you're seeing around your garden and home.

With an increasing range of insects being drawn to the warmer climates of the UK we're seeing heightened numbers of people being hospitalised with allergic reactions to stings. Two of the biggest culprits to have boomed this summer are horse flies and spiders. The UK isn't known for its venomous spiders but false window numbers have increased along with spider bite reports. A bad reaction to a bite from a false window can cause shortness of breath, nausea and swelling.


After an insect bite or sting people will not suffer from severe symptoms unless a sufferer has an allergic reaction to it. Anaphylactic reactions to bites are more common due to British people spending more time indoors and not outside being exposed to the elements and insects, which helps build up natural defences.

A warmer climate and a plague of new insects will cause nightmares for homeowners who choose to ventilate their property naturally using open windows and doors. They will be opening their home to hoards of unwanted nuisance guests. Insect screens for doors & windows can allow a home to be cooled naturally without the need for air conditioning units which are expensive to run and have environmental implications. Screening a door or window will give you ventilation and insect protection.

Phantom screens standard mesh is perfect for preventing insects such as horse flies, moths and spiders from entering through major openings. We also provide a finer mesh to prevent smaller insects such as midges, thrips and corn flies.

To find out how you can get a Phantom Screen installed in your property visit our how and where to buy section.