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A Halloween Horror Story from Phantom Screams!

Happy Halloween! Our company name has always been a little ghostly so we thought we'd tell you a little story in honour of All Hallow's Eve. So turn out the lights and enjoy!

The girl climbed the stone step to the house her heart drumming against her ribs. She reached for the ornate carved handle and knocked three times. The door swung gently open to let her pass.

As she approached the drawing room, she could hear ravens cawing in the yard and the curtains billowed in the breeze.

"There you are child, said a shadowy figure; a woman cloaked in shawls and bangles sat behind a crystal ball surrounded by candles, come closer and I shall reveal your greatest fears".

The girl approached the old woman and the smoke in the crystal ball began to shift and swirl. The ravens cawed more raucously and the wind began to howl. The old woman examined the crystal orb and slowly the smoke took the shape of a raging river.

"Ah the river" said the old woman, "you fear change"

"Yes", the girl replied, her eyes wide. She began to shiver.

The old woman returned to her crystal ball and the swirling mist became quite black.

"Ah, darkness. You fear the unknown" she whispered.

"Yes" whimpered the girl. She felt goosepimples break out all over her arms.

The old woman turned to the crystal ball once more and the mist began to spin and dance.

"Now I shall reveal the greatest and most powerful of your fears"

The wind howled more ferociously than ever banging the shutters and a bolt of lightning struck the house scattering the ravens into the darkening sky.

The girl looked in horror as the smoke finally revealed her greatest fear; six spindly legs and a hundred eyes staring into her soul. She let out a blood curdling scream!

"Oh calm down", said the old woman, "Insects! That's your greatest fear? For goodness sake girl, haven't you heard of fly screens?"

"Well yes", said the girl "but"

"Don't you know that fly screens can keep insects out of your house whilst letting a pleasant breeze in?"

"Well yes but" said the girl, her voice quivering.

"And companies like Phantom Screens offer retractable screens that roll away when not in use so you don't even notice they're there?"

"YES!" shrieked the girl, "but that's not why I screamed"

A cold, bloodless hand grabbed the old woman's shoulder and all the lights went out.

The girl scrambled to relight one of the candles but by the time the lights came back on, the old woman was gone and all that remained was a dark shape in the mists of the crystal ball; the cloaked figure and red eyes of a Phantom.