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9th September 2011

A definitive guide to Phantom Fly Screens

A massive annoyance about leaving your windows or doors open is the unwelcome guests it allows in.

We're of course not referring to people (you'll need much more formidable measures for those) but insects and flies. In the warm weather you can become inundated with flies buzzing around and as the daylight draws in the moths come out to make you woes worse. Phantom Screens are the perfect solution for this, they will block pests while allowing in sunlight and fresh air. There's also no need to worry about them letting into too much light as they have solar shading properties that can reduce the effects of harmful UV rays to you and your furniture.

I'm sure you're familiar with the cheap, disposable fly screens that you can purchase from hardware stores and auction websites online. The kind with velcro, that has to be stuck all over the place and becomes totally functionless after a week of tearing and re-sticking. Phantom offer a robust fly screen that is discreetly fitted with a slimline housing to blend with your door or window frame. The Phantom screen can also be colour matched to suit your decor; it's designed to complement your house and your lifestyle.

Phantom Screens come in various shapes and sizes but can be broadly broken down into single cassette or double cassette. A single cassette fly screen is suitable for a single door or a window in which the screen will span the entire space required to be covered. A double cassette will close from two sides into the centre and is perfectly suited for double doors, French doors and patio doors.

Should neither of these be large enough to fit an opening then Phantom offer a range of screens designed specifically to span larger gaps. These products are not cassette based screens but feature a pleated mesh that folds in or out as the door is opened or closed, and the tautness of the mesh is maintained by a wire tension system as opposed to the cassette based range which are tensioned by a spring mechanism.

If you're looking to have Phantom fly screens installed then the order process couldn't be simpler. Firstly you can either call 01778 560070, email us or find a local distributor from our how and where to buy section. Next we will organise a time around your schedule to carry out a free, no obligation survey of where you wish to have fly screens fitted before giving you a quote. If everything is satisfactory at this point then we'll arrange a time to fit the screens and after you'll be left with a lifetime of peace of mind thanks to our unique warranty.

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