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Power Screen FAQs

Why choose a power screen over a big blind?
The Executive Power Screen is a zipped screen -- delivering solar, privacy and ventilation benefits when doors are open. The performance fabric physically zips itself into the side track which retains it and prevents blow-out in the wind. It can be fully recessed or retrofitted internally or externally.

What is the maximum size your power screens can be made to?
We can make recessed screens up to 12m wide x 3.4m drop, or retrofitted up to 6.6m wide x 3.4m drop.

What are the ceiling pocket space requirements for recessing?
Depending on the screen width, either a 4 or 5-inch diameter roller tube will be used. The 4-inch tube requires a pocket space of 140mm wide x 230mm height and the 5-inch tube requires a pocket space of 203mm x 290mm.

What are the head box and side track dimensions?
The headbox is 140mm x 140mm and side track 35mm x 35mm.

What colours does the hardware come in?
Any standard RAL colour.

What type of motor is used and what provision of power is needed?
The motor is a 230v spec that requires a dedicated switched fuse spur.

Where does the motor go and how big is it?
A 50mm tubular motor is housed inside the roller tube of the screen. There are no external additional boxes or components.

What are the control options and can the screen be linked to a home management systems?
A Somfy RTS (radio signal) can be operated by a simple remote control or wireless wall switch. Screens are compatible with all home automation systems.

What are the performance fabric options?
A range of fabric with different openness factors is available - from insect control at around 50%, through to privacy - right down to 5%.

What differences are there in fabric colour?
Dark coloured fabric mesh allows you to see through the mesh and focus beyond. The darker the mesh colour the less light reflection and glare. The lighter the mesh, the more light is reflected back towards you making it harder to focus on the what is on the other side of the screen.

Does the system have to be planned or can it be retrofitted afterwards?
If the screen needs to be hidden from sight when retracted and fitted internally, then forward planning is needed to ensure sufficient space is provided. The standard specification inside the cassette is designed as a retrofit solution.

Can the fabric mesh be replaced if it is damaged?
Yes, the mesh can be changed and replaced easily if required.

What is the warranty on the product?
There is a lifetime warranty on all hardware and a five-year warranty on the motor.

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